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In 1981 the founder of SEPS identified the need for a cost-effective, reliable device that would protect computers and other electronic equipment from blackouts and unstable power. While generators could provide the long term blackout protection that everyone sought, no one had thought about the damaging effects of the power coming out of the generator or the gap in power that existed while the generator kicked in. Simply, he identified that downtime would be a certainty and critical operations would be impacted without proper protection in place.

Founder Stephen Kluchenek worked with a power product company based in central Wisconsin to develop and market the first cost-effective uninterruptible power system for small to mid-range computers. Today, SEPS continues as it began, focusing on professionalism, quality, and innovation. SEPS is like no other, with a sales and technical support staff dedicated only to power and protecting your operation.

Over the years, the high performance standards of SEPS have set the pace for the power protection industry. SEPS is committed to building long term partnerships and is always focused on your 100% satisfaction. To support your operation and your investment, SEPS can customize a support plan that meets your every need.

SEPS offers single and three phase uninterruptible power systems providing protection for desktop, data center, facility and point-of-sale applications. Quality UPS products from leading manufacturers such as APC, General Electric and Eaton are provided and supported by the SEPS team before and after the sale.

Power specialists from SEPS will guide you through the sizing and selection process to ensure that your operation is not compromised. You will get exactly what you need and expect! We install equipment and provide maintenance to identify and correct problems before they become critical.